11th Kolkata International Poultry Fair

India's Biggest Poultry Mela

Meet the entire Indian Poultry Industry...

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An organization for committing all round Poultry Development in West-Bengal Constituted under west-Bengal Govt. Notification No- 100/AR&AH/4A-67/08 dated 16/01/2009 Registered under. The society Registration act XXVI of 1961 Registered on 09/02/2009

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The Government in the Animal Resources Development Department has been considering for some time past to motivate the poultry producers to form a federation that could assist the Government in various matters including providing database regarding production of various livestock products - quantitative assessment of import and export of the products within the country and abroad. It could also assist in the management of various complexities that usually arise in the field as well as in raising effective awareness about the nature, extent and ramifications of various microbial diseases such as HPAI among the poultry growers in the state.