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West Bengal Poultry Federation is constituted under West Bengal Government Notification No. 100/AR & AH/4A-67/08 dated 16/01/2009 and registered under the Society Registration Act 1961 being Registration No. S/12/58246-2008-09 dated 09/02/2009.

West-Bengal Poultry Federation is engaged in continuous development & growth of poultry Industry in our state and also in Eastern India States. We are closely liaisoning with the different associations/Federations, farmers, traders of said states / National level. We are holding meetings with the Eastern States for adopting various policies for the continuous improvement of poultry as a whole. Presently Federation is also associated with other national level Organizations in the country.

Our prime objective is to involve all poultry farmers through P.A.C (Production area Committees/Block Level committees) for all round poultry development in our state also the sellers mean wholesalers/Traders &retailers in real sense so far poultry product market is concerned in our state.

The following activities for betterment of the poultry industry in the State.

  1. Declaring price of live broiler chicken all over the State by conducting tele-conference on daily basis with dist level, region level and state level to ascertain the demand and production
  2. Regulating egg prices for the layer farmer through NECC and Federation for better co-ordination amongst to the other south Indian states
  3. Regulating broiler chicks prices with better coordination amongst the local breeders including hatcheries from outside states those who have setup hatcheries here.
  4. Imparting training the local manpower to attend the performance as per global standard to the modern poultry units.
  5. Awareness development among consumer about benefit of consuming chicken and eggs
  6. Apprise to AGL farmers for cultivation of poultry related crops like, maize, mustard, soyabean, groundnut, til, Jowar etc.
  7. Promotion of egg and chicken and also the daily rates publish to print in electric media for awareness to the consumers.


  1. 1. Federation’s role is like a catalyst to help the all sector of poultry industry in our state with a view to achieving massive scientific development of poultry sector irrespective of all class of poultry growers, and to maintain sustainable growth of the sector.
  2. 2. Our involvement increases many fold with State Government and we could able to abolish entry tax on Poultry Feed and able to get approval of schemes for poultry farmers to increase egg & meat production.
  3. 3. We provide health services to poultry farmers in rural areas by the qualified veterinary professionals.
  4. 4. With the technological help & up-gradation, we tied up with the West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery sciences Kolkata for farther scientific development and research in poultry sector.
  5. 5. Organized the district level marketing committee for proper broiler rate declaration at the ground level for undertaking the fare marketing policy for all districts of our state.
  6. 6. We arranged a no of seminars for development of Bio-Security measures in our state.
  7. 7. We are implementing MVC & MVU projects (91 & 66 blocks respectively) in collaboration with the State Govt. Animal Resources Development Department, Govt of West Bengal for better animal Health services to the remote villages in the State
  8. 8. We successfully organized 9th Kolkata International Poultry Fair on the month of February’2023.

Objectives for the development of poultry sector in our State:-

  1. 1. Sustainable development and satisfactory growth of the poultry Industry in Bengal specially for the small farmers /growers & Traders,
  2. 2. Farmers and all other people connected with the poultry industry directly or indirectly to be motivated to come under the same umbrella as soon as possible.
  3. 3. Providing the original data base in poultry sector to the state government and central Govt for making good and fairness poultry development policy by them,
  4. 4. Universal marketing policy adopting trough the federation for benefiting to the poultry growers
  5. 5. Extension of diagnostics and research in poultry sector, for beneficiary of poultry industry
  6. 6. Making more Involvement to the scientists and technologists with our sector,
  7. 7. Holding more seminars on Bio-security, poultry nutrition, disease of poultry, and fair poultry products marketing.
  8. 8. Motivate the farmer’s and industry for fair and balance development in small medium and big poultry growers in Layer, Broiler and Breeders and feed manufacturing segment
  9. 9. We have requested Agriculture Department, Govt of West Bengal to increase the production of agricultural crops in the fields which are required for poultry industry with the direct help and support with the Animal resource Development Department and the Agriculture Department for benefit of poultry.We have also attended agl farmers meet jointly with State Govt officials where we have assured the farmers to purchase entire maize produced by them.
  10. 10. Growth of poultry industry in West Bengal has gained a huge momentum and it has become possible due to whole hearted support of Govt. of West Bengal with West Bengal Poultry Federation, and the assembles of all stake holders of poultry in our state. As a result we could able to reach in third position in production of Broiler
  11. 11. We have formed a Co-operative Society named West Bengal State Poultry Development Cooperative Society Ltd for the development of poultry Industry in West Bengal. The other objective is to extend financial assistance through State Co-operative Bank to the small poultry farmers in the different districts of West Bengal, who do not get any loan from the Commercial Banks/Financial Institutions.
  12. 12. We set up a Poultry Training Centre in Midnapore town, Paschim Medinipur & subsequently in Baruipur, South 24 Parganas in collaboration with the Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Department, Govt of West Bengal under ‘Utkarsh Bangla’ project. Training is going on.in both the Centres as per their (Utkarsa Bangla) allotted course. But placement of students, who have passed in the examination, could not be done in full.