11th Kolkata International Poultry Fair

India's Biggest Poultry Mela

Meet the entire Indian Poultry Industry...

The sponsorship opportunities on the 10TH KIPF-24 event to prom (How to do?)

Category NameAmount(Rs.)Availability 
Mela Sponsor single (Backdrop Entry Gate and other Different space)400000.001
Mela Co-Sponsor each (Backdrop Entry Gate and other Different space)250000.002
Welcome kit Sponsor150000.002
Student Education Zone Sponsor ( 2 Standee)200000.002
Balloon for Branding Each60000.005
Standee Each in Fair ground10000.0030
Branding At Gate Each50000.004
Branding on Outside fencing (each 6ftX4ft)10000.0024
Lunch Sponsor each (Backdrop, Food court, other Different space)300000.005
Paper sun visor cap Sponsor (for 5000pcs each)100000.003
Novacon Welcome kit Sponsor300000.000
Novacon Technical Seminar Platinum Sponsor 06/02/2024 (Backdrop & Standee 3pcs)500000.002
Novacon Technical Seminar Dimond Sponsor 06/02/2024 (Backdrop & Standee 2pcs)400000.003
Novacon Technical Seminar Gold Sponsor 06/02/2024 (Backdrop & Standee 1pcs)300000.004
Novacon Technical Seminar Silver Sponsor 06/02/2024 (Backdrop & Standee 1pcs)200000.006
Novacon Technical Seminar Bronze Sponsor 06/02/2024 (Backdrop & Standee 1pcs)100000.0010
2nd Technical Seminar on 08.02.2023200000.004
Cultural Function Sponsor each (Backdrop.)300000.005
Cocktail Sponsor each (Backdrop.)300000.005
** Applicable Tax as per Govt. of India guideline
For More Information Please contact to WestBengal Polutry Federation.