11th Kolkata International Poultry Fair

India's Biggest Poultry Mela

Meet the entire Indian Poultry Industry...

All in one. Need your stall fabrication, please contact federation/organizer.

Stall design

9 sqm 18 sqm 27 sqm 36 sqm 54 sqm 72 sqm 81 sqm 108 sqm
Participation Fee
Category Tariff
General Stall 9 sqm. (One side open) 85,000 per stall
Prime Stall 18 sqm.(Two / Three side open) 1,80,000 per stall
Silver Sponsorer 27 sqm. (Raw Space) 2,75,000 per stall
Gold Sponsorer 36 sqm. (Raw Space) 3,50,000 per stall
Diamond Sponsorer 54 sqm. (Raw Space) 5,25,000 per stall
Platinum Sponsorer 72 sqm. (Raw Space) 6,60,000 per stall
Emerald Sponsorer 81 sqm. (Raw Space) 7,50,000 per stall
Sapphire Sponsorer 108 sqm. (Raw Space) 10,80,000 per stall
Early bird discount
Discount will be allowed 10% if booking before 30th November 2023 & 5% upto 31st December, 2023.

Participation scope

Sponsorer Participants to construct their pavilion / stalls at their own cost.

General & Prime stall with Carpeted floor, side and rear panel based walls, three spot lights, facia, two tables & two chairs.

                           Retail sales allowed.

Participation charges once paid cannot be refunded


Energy consumption charge: 3 x 100 watts spot light is free. Above of that Rs. 220.00 per kw x 8 hours per day is chargeable.

Prohibited items

Arms, explosives, inflammable and radio active goods, narcoties and toxic substances besides any other items, which may be considered harmful to the fair environment, are prohibited

Mela safety measures

Any type of fire works, open flame of any kind for cooking or any other display purpose, inside the Fair ground is strictly prohibited


Seminars & Buyer-Seller Meets, Awards to participants for superlative presentation, Cultural Programme.

** Applicable Tax as per Govt. of India guideline
For More Information Please contact to WestBengal Polutry Federation.